Pouch & Sachet Machinery

Petzold & Company provides a comprehensive range of pouch packaging which is completely manufactured and filled on HDG machines. The focus here is on the creation of individual and flexible packaging solutions which optimally address the characteristics of the most varied products and their requirements.

We also offer a wide variety of custom preformed stand-up pouches from Dutch Pack.
There are numerous options including tailor made shape, spout, zipper, tear-notch and die-cut handle.

Pouches at a glance


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Pharmaceutical and Chemical

Pharmaceutical and chemical products make particular demands on packaging. In addition to the optimum protection and safety of the products it contains, the focus is also very much on the clear labelling of pouch packaging.

HDG can draw on many years of experience and sound know-how in this product area and has already produced numerous successful products which cater in every respect for even the most sophisticated demands. The variety of HDG pouches is ideally suited in this respect to the most varied pharmaceutical and chemical products, including compresses, medicaments in unit, granulate and powder form or cleaning and washing agents.

Cosmetic Products

In addition to an appealing design, optimum protection against light and deterioration and flawless hygiene play a decisive role when it comes to selecting packaging for cosmetic products.
HDG produces a broad range of superior pouch packaging on its packaging systems which meets all these demands in an equal manner. The proof of this is to be seen in the numerous packaging projects in which different products (e.g. creams, cosmetic cleansing tissues, powder and granulate) have been successfully packed in individually tailored packaging solutions.
In the area of cleansing tissues, HDG can provide an outstanding machine which, in addition to packaging, also partial takes over production of the product. Following their cutting from the roll and folding, the tissues are moistened in a further step and packaged safely in an HDG pouch.

Pet Food/Treats

The market for animal products is subject to continuous change, with improvements in packaging materials, new format sizes and higher demands with regard to appearance and user-friendliness.
With its broad range of pouch types and well-founded know-how, HDG can react flexibly to these new requirements. A packaging solution can therefore be developed for every kind of animal product which, in addition to providing the product with optimum protection, simultaneously stands out from competitor products through practical handling characteristics and an attractive design.


Your Product

Having problems finding your product?
HDG has already successfully realised numerous ambitious and sophisticated projects involving new applications and is constantly on the lookout for new challenges.
Why not tell us about your particular individual product characteristics and demands when it comes to pouch packaging – HDG is sure to find the ideal solution for you.

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