Bag Filling and Closing Machinery

Petzold & Company are specialists in horizontal and vertical machines for pre-made bags and reels, for all dry and most liquid products into flexible packaging. Weights from 100g up to 25kg are handled by these machines.

270 machines delivered into the UK since we were asked to represent FAWEMA back in 1968. A proud record, and approaching 50 years later, some of the earlier machines are still running and still being supported by us with parts and technical help. FAWEMA machines are made to the same high standards and principles to this day. Modest lifetime cost put FAWEMA quality at the forefront of packaging engineering expertise.

Flour and Baking Mixes Packaging Versatility

With 1,000+ packaging lines built to-date, FAWEMA has the largest machine range worldwide for the packaging of flour products. No matter whether you need to package wheat flour or rolled oats, pizza or baking mixes, corn or maize flour, durum wheat or semolina, cereals or bread crumbs, we have the know-how for proper dosing, filling, and bagging. Bag sizes range from family flour applications with fill weights as little as 500 g or 1 lb, up to large 25 kg / 50 lb flour sacks.

We have a broad range of machines available to meet the requirements of your application:

Small bag packaging:

For the high output range: In-line packers operating with pre-made bags or from paper reel.
For the medium-sized output range: Flexible with pre-made bags or operating from film reel.
For the lower output range: With semi-automatic solutions.

Large bag packaging:

For the high output range: servo-driven constant-speed carousel bag hangers for almost every available open-mouth bag, including PBOM (pinch-bottom) and SOS (block-bottom).

For the low/medium/high output range: in-line bag packers for pre-made paper bags. All machines meet highest operating and hygienic standards, are easy to clean and simple to operate. The unique FAWEMA transport systems guarantee highly effective product densification and produce clean bags with perfect shape and appearance. All standard bag closure types can be integrated. As needed, checkweighers, metal detectors, shrink bundlers, inert gas filling, and many other components and features can be added.


Granulated & Powdered Packaging Know-How

FAWEMA offers one of the largest varieties of packers for granulated and powdered sugar applications, both in paper bags as well as plastic film bags. Paper bags are typically brick-type bags with a flat-top closure for small to medium sized bags, or open-mouth sacks (PBOM, SOS) for larger bag sizes. Plastic bags can be filled as pillow-shaped or upright standing bags, in a variety of applications, either from rollstock material or pre-made bags. FAWEMA machines are fast and precise in processing both packaging material from the reel and pre-made bags. A combination of both systems can also be supplied. Besides traditional paper packaging, film can also be processed.

The abrasive nature of granular sugar is countered with a number of constructive measures contributing significantly to the well known long life of FAWEMA bag packers. FAWEMA’s cup fillers or volumetric chamber fillers are cost-effective alternatives to net weighing and assure accurate fill weights.

The efficiency of FAWEMA machines for special sugar products such as brown sugar, powdered sugar (also called icing sugar or confectionary sugar), fructose, preserving sugar, rock sugar, and tea sugar has been proven time and again.

FAWEMA bag packers can be provided as a turn-key packaging line with checkweighers, metal detectors, shrink film or kraft paper bundlers. The product range is complemented by “bag-in-box” solutions.

Food & Confectionery, Candy, Chocolates

FAWEMA has built equipment for a large variety of confectionary & foods packaging applications, e.g. for hard and soft candy, wrapped chocolate truffles or pasta. Many of those applications utilize FAWEMA’s Vertical Form, Fill &Seal (VFFS) technology with dynamic servo drives, making it possible to adapt the packer to a wide range of products and packaging films.

FAWEMA packaging machines are especially designed for operating efficiency under practical conditions and ease of operation. Operator-friendly HMI’s with touch panel make operation, adjustments and maintenance quick and easy. FAWEMA packers can be equipped with a large variety of dosing devices, such as net weighers, cup fillers, auger fillers, counting or measuring devices, etc.

Pet Products Packaging Versatility

Today, more than ever, petfood and pet products packaging demands flexibility in terms of packaging materials, features, formats & sizes. Investments in packaging machinery made today are at risk to be obsolete tomorrow. FAWEMA packaging lines are designed to be flexible to adjust to future requirements, while at the same time operator friendly and gentle to product integrity and package appearance.

FAWEMA has decades of experience and innovative technology leadership. Fast and simple centerlining, to change from one format or product to another, offers shortest possible conversion times and a maximum of production planning flexibility. Servo technology and operator friendly HMIs can be designed to make format changes at the push of a button, if required.

FAWEMA packaging machines are available for both rollstock material as well as pre-made bags in paper and plastic.

Virtually all types of bag closures and features required in today’s competitive market can be accommodated, e.g. press-to-close zippers, sliders, and carry handles.

Chemical Products Packaging Versatility

While cardboard boxes used to be the most common type of packaging in this sector until a few years ago, today most washing powders and cleaning agents come packaged in flexible, recyclable packaging materials – a very efficient measure of waste and cost reduction. FAWEMA packaging machines for such products will effect packaging from the reel or into pre-made bags. The materials used are film or film composites.

A special feature of FAWEMA machines is the separation between the bag making and bag filling processes. The product is densified before the bag is closed. Folding just above the densified filling level produces a compact and neatly closed bag.

Gypsum, Dental Powder, Thinset Mortar (Feather Finish) and Similar Products

For powders that are very fine and abrasive at the same time, FAWEMA offers a number of machines that are perfectly suited for this difficult packaging task. Extensive vibration allows for efficient product settling, resulting in smaller packages suitable for tray loading and/or shrink bundling as well as palletising.

Charcoal Packaging Versatility

The abrasive nature of charcoal and charcoal briquettes requires much experience in the design and manufacturing of the competent dosing, packaging, and bag closing equipment. FAWEMA has successfully completed many challenging projects – please let us know your project requirements, and we will do the same for you.

Other Dry Bulk Products

There are too many products to be listed here that can benefit from FAWEMA’s wealth of experience in the design and manufacturing of dosing, packaging, and bag closing equipment. FAWEMA has successfully completed many challenging projects – please let us know your product characteristics and project requirements, and we will do the same for you.

To find out more, please visit the FAWEMA website or the HDG website.